Why Did a Candidate for Governor Get Kicked Out of the Willamette Week?

NOTE: This was written in third person by me, Darren. I thought it might be used as a press release. Would the press be interested? Probably not the main stream…But feel free to pass it on to any alternative news sources that might appreciate the story :)

All six Oregon gubernatorial candidates were invited to a “Primary endorsement interview” at the Willamette Week on Friday, April 18.  This is a regular event for the Willamette Week, who proudly announces on their website that they are, “telling you how to vote.” That’s right, it’s not a typo.

The interview started promptly at 10:30 am when all candidates were invited into the conference room. Among them was candidate Darren Karr, proudly sporting his moose t-shirt that reads, “Celebrate Originality” and a black hat he got at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, which is also known for it’s originality and support of the local community.

Moose shirt and Bluebird hat

The moose shirt, and Bluebird Cafe hat. My fav combo!

This must have looked a little odd to the three Old men sitting across the table, as the other candidates were dressed in suits and ties, with the exception of Mae, who was wearing a very nice dress. It’s probable that jeans, a t-shirt, and a cap is not the norm for candidate interviews.

A little background might be good at this point…In 2010 Darren was a candidate for Oregon Governor along with some other people, all of whom attended the same interview at the Willamette Week that year. Glowing articles were written about Allen Alley and Chris Dudley, the party-backed, money backed, media backed candidates. As for the other seven candidates…Here’s what the Old men at the Willamette Week had to say…

“Also running is former Gresham lawmaker John Lim, 74, who sold his royal jelly company a couple of years ago and seems to be running just to stay busy. Other candidates include businessman W. Ames Curtright, a pro-environment conservative whose campaign literature is more specific on the issues than almost any other candidate; Rex Watkins, a self-described “redneck” from Albany who we think should run again for something a little less ambitious; Darren Karr, the “zero dollar candidate” who is worth every bit of that; Bob Forthan, a DEQ employee who felt compelled to mention his 35 years of pot use; and Clark Colvin, a Bend turnaround specialist with no discernible reason for running.” Willamette Week Apr 28, 2010

When writing about people who take time from their lives and family, and throw down their own money to make a serious run for office in an honest effort to make Oregon better for their fellow citizens, the very least the Old men at the Willamette Week could do is give them some kudos for the effort. Instead, these candidates were belittled and made fun of. That’s what they got out of the few hours of their day that was graciously given in good faith to the Old men at the Old Willamette Week.

Darren knew what to expect, and wasn’t going to play the game this time around. His thought on the interview going into it? “I’m not a candidate of the Old. I’m here to represent the New. Unless the interviewing panel this year has millennial representation and shows that they take me and the interview seriously, I won’t take them seriously.”

And so it began…With the same ol’ boring questions that are answered on all of the candidates websites. When the second question came around to Darren, his response was, “That’s on my website. If you want me to clarify the information found on my site, I’d be more than happy to.” Response from the Old men: “Please just answer the question.” Darren’s response: “Have you taken the time to read my website? Have you read any of the candidates websites?” Irritated looks came from the Old men. “No, we haven’t.” Darren: “Are you serious? I was under the impression this was a serious professional journalism organization. How could you NOT educate yourselves before the interview?” The Old men: “Are you going to answer the question?” Darren’s reply: “No”. Moving on…

So the next question from the Old men came around…”Have you done something that you regretted in your political or business life, and what did you learn from it?” Darren’s answer after a few typical political responses from the other candidates (No disrespect intended to the other candidates.): “Yes. In 2010 I attended this same interview thinking that I would be taken seriously and you guys made a joke out of me. What I learned was what to expect this time around.” Old men glasses came off and Old foreheads were rubbed as Darren was instructed to leave.

On his way out, Darren took a few seconds to send a message to the millennials through the camera that captured the entire interview.

The message to millennials and everyone else who’s sick of the system the way it is: We’ve realized the Old system has failed us and the millennials are the first generation who will really feel the affects. If we don’t get rid of the Old and bring in the New in 2014, we’re screwed, maybe for good. The Old men at the Willamette Week are a perfect example of Old. They have no interest in presenting to you ALL of your options for candidates, only those they deem are worthy. They won’t even encourage you to seek out a candidate who represents you, rather than the candidate the parties want you to vote for. Just do what you’re told.

Bottom line: The Willamette Week and most other Old media sources are not there for you. They have another agenda. It’s probably money or some interest other than yours. When someone outright tells you, “We’re telling you who to vote for…” RUN!! Run like the wind!! You’re not part of the masses. You’re an individual who can think for yourself. These Old people consider you idiots, and they’ve decided that anyone who doesn’t follow the party line isn’t worth your time. How about we tell them where to go? Find a candidate who represents you and vote for him/her. Your vote is valuable and it represents your power over your government. Spend it wisely on a candidate who represents YOU…not money, and not the Old. Candidates who represent you are out there, the Old media just won’t tell you about them.

DISCLAIMER!!! For those who wish to claim “ageism” in this article…”Old” refers to a way of thinking and an attitude, not actual age. Although, Mark Zusman of the Willamette Week is old. He may fart dust.