Gubernatorial Candidate Kicked Out of Willamette Week Interview. Is This Really a “Rare Occurrence”?

The Willamette Week stated on Friday, May 2, “on rare occasion we have asked candidates to leave the endorsement interviews.”

This doesn’t seem to be true. Senatorial Candidate, Mark Callahan was kicked out of the interview on Monday, April 21, and Gubernatorial Candidate, Darren Karr was kicked out on Friday, April 18. Twice in only a few days is a “rare occasion”?

Albeit, these were two very different circumstances. Mr. Callahan had no idea what he was getting himself into, and Mr. Karr was well aware because he went through the same interview in 2010. The 2010 interview resulted in Mr. Karr and six other serious gubernatorial candidates and their legitimate efforts to become Governor of Oregon being mocked and belittled by those at the Willamette Week.

This time, Mr. Karr knew what was coming and was prepared. He’s not an Eagle Scout like Mark Callahan, but he has a strong belief that this kind of hack job journalism does nothing but harm the people of Oregon, and he stood up for everyone that day.

See the video here: Darren gets kicked out of the Willamette Week interview