Why I Back Ben Pollock for Oregon Congressional District 5 in the Republican Primary

If you know me, you know I’m an independent running in the Republican primary for Governor of Oregon. Since I’m a registered Republican (not by choice) I can only vote for Republicans in the primary election. It’s difficult to find Republicans to back because so many of them are “party” people, career politicians, lawyers, don’t respect the Constitution, or are old school candidates taking money for their campaign. This really limits my choices.

The pros for Ben:

  • He’s 29 years old, so he’s a millennial. I believe millennials are the key to setting our state straight and saving our country.
  • Most of Ben’s positions are similar to mine.
  • When asked, “which trumps which…the bible or the Constitution?” Ben answered, “Constitution”.
  • He understands the need to bring New people and New ideas to government.
  • I’ve met Ben and he’s a genuinely nice person.

The cons for Ben:

  • He doesn’t identify himself as “independent”.
  • His campaign accepts donations.

Despite the cons, I’m comfortable casting my vote for Ben. No ones perfect :) You can check out his website HERE