Post Election…

The election is over and the vote count is in. We received 2,342 votes (so far)! Why all the excitement? Because this is much more than expected. In 2010 we received around 1,100 votes, and that was with twice as many forums and interviews, and a televised debate on KATU. Considering we didn’t have a statement in the voters pamphlet, we were expecting around 500 votes this year. We greatly exceeded our expectations, which is exciting!

There’s more exciting news that came out of the election…70,000 votes were cast for gubernatorial candidates who were NOT the establishment, money backed, party choice, media darling candidate! All of these candidates were NOT political insiders, basketball stars, or part of the rich ruling class. They were regular people who just wanted to make Oregon better for everyone.  This is HUGE news and shows there really is a movement of conscious happening in Oregon. Thank you to all other candidates who put your life on hold to do something so noble. Tim Carr, Mae Rafferty, Gordon Challstrom and Bruce Cuff, you are exceptional people.

Onward. This was never about me. This is about challenging the status quo, opening a new door, giving people a chance to be a REAL part of their government instead of simple subjects who are granted the privilege of voting every couple years for someone they’re told to vote for. It’s about bucking the corrupt system we all are forced to live with. I believe we have it within ourselves to make Oregon much more than it is now. Yeah, I’m Crazy, and so are tens of thousands of other voting Oregonians. There are more of us out there, enough to put fear in establishment.

It’s time to get rid of the Old and bring in the New. The plan now is to shake up the general election in November. Some will say, “You’re going to ruin it for the Republicans!” or “You’re going to ruin it for the Democrats!” The two parties are Old. Being a part of the masses, going along with what the parties tell us, relying on traditional media for information, voting for the lesser evil…this is the Old way of thinking and behavior. We are individuals who can think for ourselves. WE are the New political system. Each one of us has unique experiences and innovative ideas that when brought into politics and our government, can make Oregon great. We’ve been ignored, belittled, and pushed around for long enough.

Money has controlled our politics and our government for long enough, and it’s failed. It’s time people take over and fix the mess. If you think you’re Crazy enough to make a better Oregon, please consider running as a write-in candidate for an office in November. I’ll be running as a write-in candidate for Governor, and I’ll support everyone who joins the fight. If you don’t want to run, hopefully you’re Crazy enough to join by casting your vote for a write-in candidate, rather than the establishment candidate. The media will be no help, so please spread the word any way you can.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported, and continue to support Crazy for Oregon!!