The middle class can take over the Governor’s office this year…


I’m asking people who support legalizing marijuana to write in “Darren Karr” for Governor on the November ballot. I’m the only person running who will immediately decriminalize the use of marijuana. I’ll pardon non-violent drug offenders and send them home to their families by the end of January, 2015. I’ll work my ass off to make using marijuana a human right, protected by the Oregon Constitution. I’ll protect Oregonians from the federal government. Kitzhaber has proven over 12 years that he’s no friend of legalization, and Richardson certainly isn’t either. Let’s bring our government back to the middle class. Break the cycle and don’t be afraid to cast a vote for good instead of evil.


The vote for Measure 91 is going to be close. If everyone, or most of the people who support legalization cast a write in vote for “Darren Karr”, that will put us around 50%. The other 50% will be split between Kitzhaber and Richardson, which makes us the winner and we can make the changes we want. We will be able to do it immediately. This is our chance. Let’s take it and show the ruling class that we’re tired of being ruled by money!


We are the ruling class, and it’s time for us to rule.


We need more than a Governor…we need a new way of thinking when it comes to government. Innovation and citizen involvement can transform everything about our government and give Oregonians everything we want and deserve. Money and career politicians have taken our government from us and it’s just going to get worse until we decide that we’ve had enough.


Money doesn’t rule, you do. Spread the word!


If you like what I have to say, please spread the word on social media. Because I’m opposed to money in government, I won’t take donations and I spend as little money as possible, so it’s very important to use social media to it’s fullest. In this day and age, it’s very possible to run a campaign like this, and it’s very important to keep money out of our government.