Government Waste

More money for everyone – Government Waste

Problem: Oregonians have to work harder just to survive, and our government is a large part of the reason.

As the price of everything goes up, but your pay stays the same, you eventually fall behind and you need more money just to survive. You can get more money by getting a job if you don’t have one; or you can work harder or longer hours; or you can get multiple jobs; or you can sell your stuff on eBay; or you can start a business. Those are more conventional ways to get more money, but they take time away from you and your family.

Our government doesn’t help when they tax us to death. When you work eight hours, the first four hours go to the government to pay your taxes.

Solution: Put a bounty on government waste; put a bounty on criminals; utilize our natural resources; shift the tax burden off of the middle class. 

Yeah, raising the minimum wage sounds like a solution, but it’s not, because prices raise when the minimum wage raises. This has been happening since the invention of the minimum wage. Every year we hear that the minimum wage needs to be increased to help minimum wage workers. Every year it’s raised. The funny (not so funny) thing is, the problem comes back every single year. That’s because prices raise with the minimum wage. This could be argued, but that would be a waste of our time. Instead of wasting time, let’s check out some Crazy alternatives.

Here’s a Crazy idea for you…and one that can be implemented very quickly with Crazy people running our government. By the way, this idea originated with Lars Larson(O) and it sounded like a good idea. Please don’t dismiss it just because it came from Lars. He’s old(O) so this is an old idea…we’re gonna take it outside the building the box is in and get a little Crazy with it.

Residents of Alaska receive $$ every year from the state because of the oil that is taken from Alaska and sold (Yes, there are problems with this program in Alaska but nothing that Oregonians can’t address). Man…that makes so much sense. If Oregon had oil, we could do the same thing. Oil is nothing more than a natural resource. Let’s do the same thing with Oregon’s natural resources. OK…sit back down and take a big deep breath. No one is suggesting raping our state’s natural resources. The suggestion is to manage them efficiently and effectively, while keeping Oregon pristine, probably more pristine than it currently is.

Right now, the federal government claims ownership and controls 60% of Oregon forestlands, or 18,000,000 acres (there are 63 million acres total in Oregon). Question for you…do you think Oregonians know more about managing their forests or some elite Senator from Texas? Oregonians do. There’s no reason for the federal government to own and control land in Oregon. They have no constitutional power to do so. Don’t believe it? Look it up and let’s hear how that’s wrong. The point is, we have A LOT of forest land in Oregon that is mismanaged by the federal government and Oregonians could do a much better job.

Every year our forests burn to the ground. I think it was two years ago, when I went to Central Oregon to visit my brother during a very large wildfire. The smoke in the air was so thick that it was actually creating thunder and lightening. Amazing! There’s a lot of debate about forest fires and forest management. Lets keep the debate going but exclude the federal government and special interest groups. Oregonians are smart enough to figure out how to manage our own natural resources. This is land that rightfully belongs to Oregonians and Oregonians should benefit from it in any way we see fit.

We can take our land back from the federal government (don’t laugh, we really can take it back. We just need to have the balls to do it. After all, the federal government had the balls to illegally take it from us so we can take it back.) and protect it, while at the same time boosting our economy and putting $$ in your pocket like Alaska does. This can happen right away, not 12 years from now.

So…taking our land back from the federal government is pretty Crazy and I don’t think Lars even considered that. How much more Crazy can we get here? What other natural resources are we lucky to have here in Oregon? California’s going through a drought right now and it looks like a bad one. It just so happens that Oregon has a bunch of water. How about we sell some of our water to California? I know…it sounds Crazy, but let’s at least talk about it and see if it’s possible. In this country we move millions (maybe more) of gallons of gasoline and oil from place to place, even across the country. Why couldn’t we do that with water? They’re talking about building the Keystone Pipeline and how great it would be for job creation and this, that, and the other thing. Why can’t we do something like that for moving water around? Eventually we’re going to need to figure something out for water consumption. Let’s get it started now. We can help California while putting $$ in your pocket.

Are there other ways we could better utilize our renewable natural resources? Maybe other resources not mentioned here? Absolutely, and Crazy people can find them.

Here’s another Crazy thought to put $$ in your pocket. This one has nothing to do with natural resources. Eliminate government waste. It’s funny how many people are OK with the government wasting our $$. Hmmmm…”our money”. Think about that. Every time the government wastes $100, it comes from your pocket. Could you use an extra $100? Or is it better off in the pocket of that ruling class guy, because when the government wastes $$, it not only comes from your pocket, it goes straight to some rich guy’s pocket. If you work eight hours, four of those hours go straight to the government. How do you feel about that knowing the government is wasting your $$? So, what’s the solution?

Government waste happens, but it can be pretty much eliminated by putting a bounty on waste. This is another way to put $$ in the pocket of middle class Oregonians. Here’s the deal, if you identify waste in our state or local government, you receive a cash bounty…something like $5,000 or a percentage of the $$ no longer wasted. I’m talking about a significant amount of $$ so people have incentive to tattle tale when they see waste.

How about another Crazy idea that’ll put $$ in your pocket? Since we’re talking about bounties, what do you think about putting a bounty on criminals? Anyone who turns in a criminal gets a bounty of $5,000. See a crime, snap a picture, get $5,000. Have a friend who’s really not a friend because he steals cars? Turn him in and get $5,000.

Probably the best way to put more money in your pocket is to not take so damn much in the first place. If we had a tax system that wasn’t so reliant on the middle class, you’d have more money in your pocket.

The Governor can’t just do these things on a whim, but he can open the door to conversation and see what possibilities present themselves. This is something our current ruling class leaders(O) couldn’t even imagine, much less have a real conversation about. But we, the Crazy ones, can see past the normal political bullshit and make things happen.