Problem: College is too expensive, and alternatives are not as available as they could be.

College students and parents of college students…I’m sure you know that you’re getting screwed. The price for college is outrageous and people should be pissed. There’s simply no reason for it. Young adults are coming out of school with huge debt and no jobs. This is unacceptable, but the ruling class loves it, especially now that all college loans come from the government. So what if you can get a college loan from your government masters? Getting a loan means nothing but years of paying back the ruling class who loaned you the money in the first place. But people don’t seem to get it and they happily go along with it. College is simply not affordable and it doesn’t guarantee you anything, like it used to.

Solution: Make college affordable so debt is less or nonexistent; create more alternatives to college and encourage people to seek them out.

Success and happiness is subjective and is different for each individual. Some people want to be a doctor or engineer, which require college (I’m sure there are some exceptions). Some want a fat paycheck, but don’t want to go to college, so they become a welder or contractor, or mechanic. Some are natural artists and are perfectly capable of creating on their own and don’t need to be taught. A person might want to get into politics in one way or another, which doesn’t necessarily require college. Then there are some people who would be happy and successful being programmers, business owners, community organizers, environmental something-or-others, account managers, social media consultants, athletes, etc.

The point is, there are a lot of things a person can do or be that will make them happy and successful, but not all of them require college. I personally don’t feel it necessary to force my kids to go to college. My daughter graduated from U of O and is now a dance instructor. She always loved to dance and now she loves making $$ teaching dance. My son quit college to pursue a career in music and I’m very proud of him for doing so. It wasn’t a disappointment at all when he told me of his plans.

Let’s talk about my son for a bit. While he’s trying to get his music career going, he’s interning at a music station. He’s learning all kinds of great skills that I’m sure will help him in the future. He doesn’t get paid a thin dime. I’ve heard some people bitch about unpaid interns being taken advantage of. I call BS. My son’s getting a FREE education in an industry that could take him anywhere in the world, and it works well with his music goals. He gets to hang out and work along side some of the best and brightest in the industry. Just because he doesn’t get paid $$, doesn’t mean he’s not getting paid! Saying a company should not be allowed to have unpaid interns is old(O) thinking. How about we start some new(N) thinking? What are some other ways we can get educated? We need more…not less.

Back to colleges. They’re another huge government scam. Our government wastes our $$ on colleges and we sit back and take it while the ruling class get more $$ and power. I for one, have had enough. Our colleges can be the best in the world AND be affordable. Every single person should be able to go to college if they want. And every single student should expect to graduate with little to no college debt. Hey students…that debt you have…that’s going right into a rich man’s pocket. We can fix this if we get rid of the ruling class and start doing what’s best for us, the middle class. Eliminating waste in the college system will translate directly to the reduction of the price of college for you students. YOU pay for every single dollar of waste. How can that be acceptable to you?

Let’s crowdsource some ideas for making college better and creating more learning opportunities that work for everyone! I’m sure there are students and people who work for the college system who could come up with some killer ideas for improving things.