Health care

Problem: Health care in not affordable for too many Oregonians, and it’s too expensive for everyone.

Why do people suffer in this country? Why do people go bankrupt to pay medical expenses? It simply shouldn’t happen in the good ol’ US of A. So what’s the answer? I hear Canada has a super sweet free healthcare system. Um…nothing’s “free”. Is it really that sweet? I talked to a couple Canadian friends of mine, straight off the boat from Canada. They said the system there isn’t that great. They also said the system here isn’t that great, to which I agreed. There has to be a middle ground. There is a middle ground. There always is. But a person (politician) can’t find it while sitting around with his/her thumb up his/her butt, waiting for the next opportunity to make some $$ or advance their political career. It can’t be about politics or $$. It has to be about people and the health of our nation as a whole. But you know what? Everything is about politics and $$ to politicians. It’s all about the ruling class being in control and getting richer. Screw sick people. That’s screwed.

Raise your hand if you pay into or have paid into Social Security. Pretty much everyone. How many of you think you’re getting back what you paid into Social Security? How many of you think you’ll get anything back from Social Security? I’m 44. My mom and dad collect Social Security, but will they get back what they paid into it? Eh, I don’t know. I’m interested to find out. Not that I want my parents to keel over, of course. Next question…will I receive payments from Social Security? I’m not counting on it. Will my children receive Social Security payments when they retire? I seriously doubt it. This makes me think that I’m wasting my hard earned $$ by paying into Social Security, and so are you.

So, if Social Security is so great and wonderful, why are people forced to participate? I’m not stupid, I get that people think everyone needs to be forced into it in order for it to work. But isn’t that part of the problem? If the only way a government program will work is when everyone is forced into it, there’s something wrong. Then put on top of that the very likely possibility that people who pay into the system won’t be getting their hard earned $$ back. This makes me wonder, “Why do people put up with Social Security?” Answer: because they don’t know anything other than the way it’s always been. People don’t think there’s another option. But there is. Let’s get a little Crazy.

Imagine, a government retirement savings program that’s so incredible, everyone lines up to get enrolled. People throw their $$ at the program, rather than having it stolen from them by their government. And…if you like the old Social Security program, you can stay in it (no lie, I know it’s hard to believe). Of course, our older citizens would be fully covered. Crazy huh? Guess what? It can be done. Anything we want can be done, we just need to grow some balls and do it! Oregon can be the pioneer of a super effective, super desirable retirement system. Something completely futuristic. When people look at it, their only reaction is their jaw hitting the ground and slobber streaming out of their mouth.

But before we move on, take a look at the original Social Security promise the government made to the citizens way back when. It comes from the pamphlet that was handed out when Social Security was enacted. You can check it out for yourself on…” you and your employer will each pay 3 cents on each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year. That is the most you will ever pay.” Today, you pay 6.2% up to $7,050 per year and your employer pays 6.2%. Here’s another part…”the Old-Age Reserve fund in the United States Treasury is drawing interest, and the Government guarantees it will never earn less than 3 percent.” Well, this “trust fund” no longer exists because the ruling class decided they needed to spend it all and screw the middle class over. The 3% interest your $$ is suppose to be gaining hasn’t happened for decades. You’re getting screwed, and the middle class was flat out lied to. There’s lots of great info on this website that should get you thinking about the $$ you pay to Social Security every time you receive a pay check. Oh, some of you might not realize this. The government takes Social Security payments from the $$ you earn before you even see your pay. Look on your pay stub under FICA. Another note: criminals earning $$ outside of the law don’t pay into the Social Security system, but they’ll benefit from it.

After you check out that website and your pay stub, ask yourself these questions, “Why the hell am I paying into this program?” Then ask yourself, “If this is such a great and wonderful program, why am I forced to participate? If it really is super awesome, wouldn’t I willingly participate?” And finally…”Why does the government think I’m so stupid?” You were trained to be stupid, so don’t feel bad. The government lied to get Social Security passed, then they pillaged the Social Security trust fund to the tune of $16,600,000,000,000 (16.6 trillion $$) (It’s 15,972,000,000 inches to the moon from Earth. If our Social Security debt was inches, you could travel to the moon and back more than 1,039 times). This is on top of the nations $17,300,000,000,000 (17 trillion, 300 billion $$) debt (Jesus was born about 63,524,120,220 seconds ago. If our national debt was seconds, it would take another 268 years for the number of seconds since Jesus’ birth to equal our national debt). On a side note, was looking at those huge numbers a bit overwhelming? Yeah, it is.

Once you’ve looked at the Social Security program, take a look at the new federal healthcare system and try to image where it might go wrong. What was the promise made to get the system passed? Do you think the promise will be kept? Why are people forced to participate if it’s so great and wonderful? Look which department is enforcing it…the IRS. Does that give you any confidence that this program is what’s best for you?

This brings me to the topic of this chapter. Health care for Oregonians. It seems that the healthcare system in this country is pretty screwed up. For example…the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) delays potentially life saving drugs and procedures from reaching people who need it. Their excuse? “The drug or procedure hasn’t been proven to be safe. It may kill people.” Hey…guess what? THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY!! If a dying person wants to take an experimental drug or agree to an experimental procedure, who in the hell has the right to tell them they can’t try it?! NO ONE!! Especially not the government. The FDA holds back crucial process in health care for many, many years, and costs companies billions of $$ to comply. Guess what? I’m sure you already know…the company doesn’t actually pay the for the fees the FDA imposes on them. You do. The next time you buy a drug and say…”what the %^@&!!! Why the holy living %#$@ is this so expensive?!!!”…don’t blame the drug store or even the manufacturer. A lot of the blame goes to our federal government in the form of the FDA.

Although, our healthcare system is likely the best in the world, I believe it could be much better. I believe that, like politics, the healthcare system is controlled by $$. To a point, that’s ok. Profit gives incentive for people and companies to innovate and create great new medical breakthroughs that help us. On the other hand, $$ has corrupted the entire system. Health “Insurance” (in quotes because I don’t believe it’s actually insurance) is a scam where the consumer is the victim, while others profit and get rich.

The Affordable Care Act is our national attempt at revamping the healthcare system in our country. Some people love it, some people don’t like it at all. I don’t see it doing anything about the root problem, $$. This program is a product of the two big political parties and big $$ interests. The ruling class. When I see this, I think, “um…who are they looking after? Why should I think the big two parties and big $$ have my best interest in mind? Where else do they have my best interest in mind?” And here are the answers…”Themselves. I shouldn’t. They don’t.” It’s all about the almighty $$. Health care should be about the people, not $$ and power. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Solution: Remove Oregon from federal mandates and regulations so health care costs decrease; create a single payer plan in Oregon that is voluntary and something people will be excited about; and more…keep reading :)

So what is the bottom line where health care is concerned? 1) some people are not insured. 2) insurance is way too expensive and not accessible to everyone. 3) health care is way too expensive. How can these be addressed? Crazy can take care of this. Feel free to expand on it or send in suggestions.

I don’t believe the federal government should be in the health care business for a number of different reasons. One reason is that I don’t trust them with my $$. Remember, the people running the show in the government don’t have our best interest in mind. They care about $$ and power. So why give them this kind of responsibility and direct access to more middle class $$? Mostly because people have been scammed and think anything the politicians in DC say is absolutely true and they have no other agenda. Simply not true. Remember what happened with Social Security? How in the world could anyone trust the federal government with something as huge as health care?

So here’s my simple solution. It won’t take even close to 2,000 pages and has absolutely no pork in it.

1) Lowering the cost of medical care is key. To do this, we allow Oregonians, companies, and doctors to not participate in the ACA and medicare. The idea behind this is to eliminate federal regulations from Oregon doctors and insurance companies, thereby lowering their costs. “What! You can’t deregulate the health care industry! It’ll all go to hell and people will die!” Actually, it won’t. Regulations that are necessary will come from the state of Oregon, where you and I have much more direct control (and $$ has no control), which we have NONE at the federal level. Necessary regulations will still be in place.

2) Only allow doctors and their patients to decide what health care is appropriate.

3) Open up insurance options across state lines. This will create competition, which drives down prices. “You idiot! The federal government won’t let you do that!” Oh yeah? What are they going to do?

4) Oregon will make deals with pharmaceutical companies to buy drugs in bulk. This will bring down the cost of prescription drugs.

5) Turn Oregon into a desirable place for drug research companies and manufacturers to make their home. When the companies are here, we can get the federal government out of the picture and the prices will drop (don’t worry, we can regulate them how we see fit).

6) Allow unfettered access to high risk insurance policies and HSA’s. If you’re a young or healthy person, you shouldn’t be expected to pay for another person’s health care.

7) Address medical lawsuit abuse. Lawyers are bloodsuckers and we can stop them while at the same time protecting patients from medical malpractice.

8) Eliminate waste. Every dollar that is wasted is a dollar that could have been spent on helping a real person. Instead, the the wasted dollar goes into the pocket of the ruling class.

The above will take care of the price issue.

To address the issue of some people not having insurance…I’d like to see a universal health care (single payer) option in Oregon. It would have to be voluntary and would be so awesome that people would want to sign up for it. It would be partially funded by taxes, and participants would pick up part of the cost depending on their income. This would be available to anyone, but comes with some conditions for those relying on the tax payers. Participants will not be allowed to take non-prescription and/or illegal drugs, drink alcohol (in excess), use tobacco, and must exercise on a regular basis. The thought behind this is, if you expect your neighbor to pay for your living, you should show your neighbor that you appreciate their help by taking responsibility for your health.

The bottom line is…we can make health care better for everyone without forcing something on people that they don’t want, or burdening others with the financial task of paying for another person’s health care. We just need to get a little Crazy and come up with a solution that no one has thought of, or had the balls to put forward. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I can make it possible to start.