Problem: Old people and old ideas are keeping us from enjoying the benefits of marijuana, and the government is wasting a lot of $$ on the failing war on marijuana.

Why can the dude take Oxycodone for a back ache, but he can’t smoke weed? I’m not a pot head by any stretch of the imagination, but I know it works better than anything for pain, at least for me. “Oh damn! You stoner! You’re probably high as a kite right now! Go grab another bag of extra cheesy Doritos and write about how stoned you are!” Says local radio talk host, Lars Larson(O). Hey, don’t preach to me until you try it (Lars, you don’t know everything, sorry). I used to be skeptical of the medicinal benefits of weed…until I was forced to try it. It works.

Why is it anyone’s business in the first place? As long as I’m not stoned at work, or while driving, or putting another person’s life in danger, or stepping on another person’s rights, what’s the problem? I’m sure you do some things I don’t agree with like smoking cigars, going to the wrong church, eating a Big Mac, drinking too much Dr. Pepper, sleeping with the wrong person, but I’m not telling you how to live your life, and I won’t. If you’re not affecting me or others, go do whatever the hell you want.

I have a feeling this has to do with $$. How much $$ does the government take from the middle class to fight a drug war that will never be won? How much $$ would drug companies make if everyone grew pot in their back yards? I’m guessing they would take quite the hit. Hey, how much do pharmaceutical companies spend in lobbying each year? ($2.6 billion from 1998 to 2013. Big Oil spent $1.4 billion. Sure, go ahead and argue that number. Bottom line, it’s a lot) Sounds like the ruling class have some vested interest in people not smoking weed.

Solution: Legalize recreational use of marijuana; legalize hemp; don’t tax it any more than everything else is taxed; let people be free from their government nanny; businesses will regulate it; create a new industry that will eventually be needed nationwide, bringing a lot of revenue to Oregonians.

Face it…everyone does it and somehow they survive. Some even become President of the United States of America. There’s a good chance your doctor smokes weed. If you’re attorney isn’t snorting coke, he’s probably smoking weed. Your co-workers, fellow students, neighbors, and even family members smoke weed. It really isn’t that big of a deal.

Good people choose to smoke pot and so do bad people. Laws shouldn’t be based on the lowest common denominator, like they are now. There are always going to be bad people, and laws should be designed to deal with those people, not the good ones. Recreational pot should be legal, and should unacceptable behavior by an individual happen, it should be dealt with.

Ohhhh boy…here we go…”You’re a pot head stoner! Why don’t you fire up another dub!! If pot’s legalized, everyone will start smoking it and everything will go to hell!!” Well, I’m not going to smoke it any more than I already do, which is almost none, and a lot of people are like me. “But people are going to drive stoned and work stoned! Do you want a doctor operating on you stoned? I don’t!” OK…I guess you(O) think there are no other options. I(N) don’t believe that. Even if pot is legal, businesses still won’t accept stoner workers. So regulation will change from the state throwing people in jail, to businesses not hiring people who are on drugs. That’s fair and simple. Choose to use drugs and accept the consequences.

No, people won’t be driving stoned any more than they already do. People won’t start killing each other for pot or drug $$ because they can grow it in their back yard. People won’t be working stoned because the boss won’t allow it. And there won’t be an epidemic of kids smoking pot because responsible parents won’t let them.

You may not have heard this angle…like it or not, marijuana is becoming more main stream. A new industry is being created in the US and it’s growing quickly. The billions of weed $$ that now ends up in Mexico will move to the United States. This is a great thing! Mexican cartels kill people because of weed. We won’t do that in the good ol’ US of A. Those who smoke weed know that Oregonians grow some pretty awesome buds. As the market opens up across the country, we could have a great new $$ making industry in Oregon. It’s going to happen, so we might as well be on the cutting edge and position ourselves to be the largest and best supplier.

By the way, I’m not one who thinks we should legalize marijuana so we can tax the shit out of it. That’s not how a free country works. It should be treated just like any retail product.

For some reason people think hemp and weed are the same thing. They’re not. Hemp can be used for a lot of things besides making friendship bracelets. It can replace just about everything we use wood for, including building houses. Fuel can be made out of hemp and it grows just about everywhere. Some people consider themselves champions of freedom (as long as it’s their kind of freedom) yet they don’t want hemp to be legal for some pretty stupid reasons. I say, if a farmer thinks there’s $$ in growing hemp, let him do it!! If it doesn’t work, then it’s on the farmer.