Gay people

Problem: Gay people have no representation in our government, and the law is unfair to them.

Speaking of Crazy, what’s up with gay people and the whole marriage thing? I think the key word here is “people”. If they were dogs, I could see not wanting them to get married. Or if one was a person, and the other a dog…no good. Let the gay people get married…geez. It doesn’t diminish the marriage I have with my (female) wife. Our relationship won’t change because two dudes get married and neither will yours. If you don’t like it, don’t look.

I really don’t see what business the state has forcing me to get the states stamp of approval on my relationship. Then I need to pay a shit load more if my relationship doesn’t work out? I really don’t get why gay people insist on this, but as long as it’s a law, gay people need to be treated just like everyone else. Because they are in fact…people. Middle class people (most of them) at that, so we’re all in the same boat.

I remember the first time I saw two guys walking around holding hands, then they stopped and kissed around the arcade at the Clackamas Town Center. It grossed me out. This was probably 1986 or 1987 and I was around 17 years old. The thought of kissing a man still grosses me out. I mean, guys are all hairy and smelly. What’s attractive about that? NOTHING! I don’t even understand why women like men, for the same reason! I know everyone says this, but I think if I were a woman, I’d be a lesbian. Women are so much more attractive. They’re curvy and soft. What’s not to like about a woman?

Anyway, I didn’t really like gay people. I didn’t want to see them and I would never hang around with them. But as I became older and smarter, I began to accept gay people more and more. Today I support gay people and their journey. People are people, no matter who they love and they should be treated as such, so that’s exactly what I do.

Here’s something I don’t understand about gay people. Why overwhelmingly support one of the two big parties? Seriously, what have they done for you? Yeah, they do little things here and there, but just enough to keep you voting for them. With the amount of one party control in Oregon, gay marriage shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The Governor should be your biggest supporter, but no…you still can’t get married and the Governor is no where to be seen. BUT WAIT! Governor Kitzhaber(O) participated in a huge campaign to oppose casinos in Oregon. He even appeared in a commercial supporting the effort. Seriously? That’s what’s important to him? More important than the civil and natural rights of the citizens he’s suppose to represent and protect? His actions pissed me off. Gay people should be allowed to get a marriage license, and the Governor, who’s required to support the Constitution should be doing everything he can to make gay marriage legal in Oregon. So why support a campaign against casinos, but not support gay rights? I’m guessing gay people didn’t pay him enough $$.

Solution: Actively represent gay people’s rights from the office of Governor; give gay people more of a voice in government through crowdsourcing.

Here’s the deal, gay people are mostly middle class, and they’re more similar to straight people than different. Come on…love each other. We’ve had enough hate, especially in the past 13 or so years. It’s time to turn this shit around and start doing things for us, the middle class. We’re all in this together, and together we can make things better for everyone. As long as we’re separated by hate, we can do nothing.

“So what’s next? Polygamy? Cousins marrying? Marrying your dog? Can you imagine the chaos?!!” says Bill O’Reilly(O). Um…well…yes and no. I don’t care if some dude wants to have ten wives, that’s their business. If you love your cousin and want to marry him, it’s your business. Yeah, I get the whole genetic thing, but that has nothing to do with marriage. It has to do with reproduction, a whole different issue. Unless your dog can consent, you can’t marry it. Sorry. I can’t be a hypocrite. I may not personally agree with these things, but I do believe people can make decisions for themselves and act appropriately. If they don’t, they’ll have to deal with the consequences. Mr. O’Reilly(O), this doesn’t diminish your relationship with your wife. Sorry, but that argument doesn’t hold water.

The government really has no business determining who can get married, and who can’t. They have no business creating a “one size fits all” contract between two people and then forcing that contract on the couple. And in the end, they have no business charging the couple $$ to get out of the contract, and controlling the process and outcome. People aren’t stupid. They can do this without the government. And if they can’t, the court is there to help them out on an individual basis. But, that’s our current system, and as long as that’s the case, gay people need to be treated fairly. There’s no reason gays shouldn’t be “allowed” (it sucks to type that. The notion of our government “allowing” people to get married or not sickens me.) to get a state approved marriage license.

Gay people…you deserve to be properly represented in government, and both parties are doing a piss poor job for you. Let’s give you a real opportunity to be involved in our government, and give you a Governor who will make your equality a priority…now, not 12 years from now.