Crowdsourcing Oregon to YOU


Citizen’s Initiative


The Citizen’s Initiative process is there for you, so you can directly affect your government. Unfortunately, your government has made it virtually impossible for you to use it. They don’t like that kind of power in your hands. I want to put that power back in your hands, but I don’t want to stop there. You should be involved in every aspect of your government, because you have unique experiences and knowledge that can help make your government what you want it to be. There’s untapped potential sitting at computers all over the state…it’s you and others like you.


Crowdsourcing makes EVERYTHING better.


I’m suggesting a little crazy here. Crowdsourcing is the process of one person (or legislator) submitting an idea, and other people improving on that idea through a website. This process continues until the idea is perfected.


This is how YOU become the government…not just through your representative, and not just at the ballot box every couple of years. Any moment you have the urge to pitch in, you can do it.


Here’s the dream


Every state initiative, and every state agency is crowdsourced out to the people in an effort to streamline our government in the interests of ONLY the people.


Let’s bring back YOUR interests into Oregon government


Let’s bring a little Crazy into Oregon