Oregon needs transformation at its roots…


…to create jobs…eliminate waste…provide safety…make college affordable…better educate our children…provide affordable health care for all…protect our environment…give you more money, more time, and a happier life!


Your Voice in Government


You live, work, and go to school in Oregon. You have unique experiences and knowledge that could help your government be the best and most efficient. Right now, your government doesn’t want to hear from you. I want to crowdsource your government to you, so you ALWAYS know what’s going on, and you always have a say in your government…because the smartest people are not sitting in Salem. Click here to learn more.


Money in Politics


Money in your political system makes a government for those with money, not for you. I want to remove money from your government and return your government to you. No more lobbying, no more deals, no more handshakes in a back alley. Only YOU should influence your government.


Update an out of date Voting System


The system we have now is stuck in last century, making voting more difficult and prone to corruption. Computers and cell phones should be utilized to make viewing important ballot information easy, and securely bring the voters’ voices to government. E-voting can protect your vote from tampering and ensure your vote is ALWAYS counted.


Let’s put our votes where our mouths are and vote for people we respect and genuinely want to lead us instead of voting for a lesser of two evils, or the person the party puts in front of us. Buck the system, take the plunge, get a little Crazy…vote for good instead of evil.